Garlock Compression Packing

Style 105 & 108 Carbae


Carbae™105 is made from a 95% carbon assay, aerospace-grade fiber, coated with PTFE throughout.

Carbae™108 uses the same fiber but is coated with a unique graphite dispersion.

Garlock Carbae™ 105 Data Sheet
Garlock Carbae™ 108 Data Sheet

Style 98


High purity (95+ carbon assay) pitch-based carbon yarn

Garlock Style 98 Data Sheet

Style 1303 FEP


Manufactured from a proprietary yarn consisting of several strands of high purity GRAPH-LOCK® contained by an Inconel filament jacket

Garlock Style 1303-FEP Data Sheet

Style 1333 G


Braided from graphite fiber reinforced flexible graphite yarns and high purity graphite filament yarns

Garlock Style 1333-G Data Sheet

Style 1925


Abrasive resistance and thermal stability of fiber infused* PTFE yarns with the flexibility of our SYNTHEPAK® yarns

Garlock Style 1925 Data Sheet

Style 1965


Fiber-infused PTFE yarns with Graphite, and SYNTHEPAK® yarns, impregnated with PTFE suspensoid then coated with a snow white petrolatum break-in lube.

Garlock Style 1965 Data Sheet

Style 105 Carbae™


Manufactured from high purity P.A.N. based carbon filament yarn, thoroughly impregnated with PTFE dispersion both on the individual yarns as well as the finished braid. It is finished with a break-in lube.

Garlock Style 105 Carbae™ Data Sheet

Style 108 Carbae™


Manufactured from high purity P.A.N. based carbon filament yarns. Minimum carbon assay is 95%. Both the yarns and finished braided are treated with graphite dispersion

Garlock Style 108 Carbae™ Data Sheet

Style 5000


Carbon fiber packing impregnated with PTFE and treated with a high temperature break-in lubricant

Garlock Style 5000 Data Sheet

Style 5100


100% Gore GFO™ filament yarns and a silicone break-in lubricant.

Garlock Style 5100 Data Sheet

Style 5888


High density PTFE continuous filament braided fiber.

Garlock Style 5888 Data Sheet

Style 5889


Continuous filament soft braided PTFE fiber

Garlock Style 5889 Data Sheet

Style 8093 DSA


Pump packing set consisting of a gasket spacer (#3530 or #9900), braided rings (#1333-G, #98, #5000, or #8921-K), and low-density and high-density GRAPH-LOCK® die-formed rings

Garlock Style 8093-DSA Data Sheet

Style 8921 K


PTFE impregnation plus corner braiding of abrasion-resistant aramid fibers

Garlock Style 8921 Data Sheet

Style 9000 EVSP


Valve Packing set with a combination of Style 98 braided carbon packing rings and angled GRAPH-LOCK die-formed rings

Garlock Style 9000-EVSP Data Sheet

Style G 200


Premium grade graphite yarn packing that is rugged enough to meet many industrial high-temperature applications

Garlock Style G-200 Data Sheet

Style G 700


Manufactured from the purest graphite filament yarns for use in critical valve applications, including nuclear and power generation

Garlock Style G-700 Data Sheet